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What Does It Take To See the Results In Your Business?

Are you excited about the new initiative?

Yes, you are. When make a plan to start a business, we are very excited. We think we are going to crush it. Having a positive mindset helps you move forward.

We are very optimistic and have energy at the beginning of the initiative. After a certain period of time, when we see we do not get the results as we expected before, we get hopeless. We do not have that much energy then.

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The future is uncertain and it is changing consistently. Your plan might not work because the situation has already been changed. There are two types of strategies you can take to make things work.

  1. Intended Strategy
  2. Realized Strategy

You plan something before and there are plans of action. Right now you are dealing with a situation that is unexpected, so your plans of action do not work anymore. For example, because of Convid-19, we see a huge change in our lifestyle as well as in the business world. Even many big companies are going out of business due to this.

You make the financial plan of how you are going to finance the project and where you will invest your capital to get some return that will take care of additional expenses. You think to do before and make a strategy based on that, that's the intended strategy.

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Now you have to make a new strategy observing the present situation, that's realized strategy. And you have to execute that. If you are disappointed because of the situation, you cannot move forward. You are not doing well due to the outside factors. Maybe you do not put enough time to your new initiative.

You think you can build a business and make it successful quickly. The thing is, if it is easy and simple, then everyone would do it. You have to put your 100 percent effort and time to do this. It takes a really long time to build something and make it successful.

You have to get up after getting hit. You have to stand again and turn to make your move. There is no shortcut or some quick hacks that can do everything. This is black and white. If you have the talent, and you work hard, you will see the results sooner or later. It does not matter what other people think of you. The market will decide the ultimate results.

So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. See you around!

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