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Things You Think And Facts For Self Defense

We think we will do this or do that for self-defense. But what are you capable of doing when you are in that situation and you have to make your move for self-defense? It is easy to say but it is difficult to execute that.

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One punch

You can punch with power. So you think you will punch the attacker and one punch is enough. Whether someone practices martial arts or not, everyone can do punches. At least, you do not have to explain what a punch is. ;)

You are in that situation, and you punch the attacker. Maybe he is drunk, and he does not feel it. So you do not see the possible reaction that you expect after getting your punch. The attacker can attack you. Or, you punch and you just miss to hit the attacker. Now the attacker will not let you go easily. Sometimes one punch is not enough, you have to keep punching.

Hit to the groin

One common strike for self-defense is hit to the groin. To hit to the groin, you have to get close to the attacker. Do you think the attacker is welcome to hit his groin? As soon as you are close to the attacker, he will strike you. You might not get a chance to strike him. While defending and attacking, you get close to him to strike and you can hit to the groin. You just cannot go straight and strike there.

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Just run

Yes, if you can run and get out of there, that's great. You think you will run and just disappear from there, so the attacker will not attack you. When you run and you have to run faster than the attacker. If the attacker runs faster than you, he will catch you. So you cannot defend yourself by running.

While you are running, you are exposing your back. And at the same time, you do not know what the attacker is about to do from your back. The attacker can strike you from your back and you will find it difficult to defend since you do not see it.

You run and end up in a dead-end. You cannot run from there. The attacker is in a better position to attack you. There are some situations where you just cannot run and defend yourself. You have to face it.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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