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Is There Anything You Can Do Against Headbutt?

We see people usually punch in a fight. Some people kick on the street fight. Whether they are good at kicking or not, they kick and sometimes some of them end up falling down on the ground losing their balance. It is always better not to do something if you do not know.

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Some attackers like headbutt. Someone can use the top of his head to hit on your face or other parts of the body. It is usually done suddenly with force. The end result can be devastating.

So is there anything you do to defend against headbutt?

When the attacker headbutts you, he is usually in close range. Before doing anything, the attacker has already hit you with a headbutt. You might end up fall on the ground due to the headbutt and get hurt pretty bad.

The attacker does not hit you out of nowhere. You can see some signs. We usually make some mistakes dealing with a situation like this. You have an argument, you see someone shows dominance in his behavior. You should watch out before anything happens.

We usually get close to someone when we have an argument. We often see people are shouting and getting very close to each other. Well, if you do not intend to attack first, it is better to make the distance. You can still talk from distance, can't you?

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Wait. I am supposed to talk about what you can do against headbutt. Yes, my friend, I am talking about that. Since someone can headbutt in close range, if you make the distance, he cannot headbutt you from there. That's the first step you can take to defend yourself.

Timing is very important for any attack and defense. Even the attacker wants to headbutt you, he has to come close to you and you will get the time you need to react and defend yourself.

In case your hands down, you should keep your hands up. You will not get the time to raise your hands to defend the strike. It would be too late. You can use your hands to prevent the attacker from doing a headbutt.

You can put your hand to the attacker's neck and stop him. If the attacker is aggressive and forces to headbutt you, you can simply divert his direction and move him to the side. Or, you can move to the side while you are diverting his headbutt.

What you do next, it depends on the situation. You can strike him as a counter-attack or make the distance and get out of there if you can. You have to decide on your own based on the situation. So what would you do if someone headbutts you?

Please feel free to leave your comments below and share your experience and thoughts. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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