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Get Your Mindset Right To Practice Martial Arts

You learn some self-defense, you think that's enough. Once someone told me after the exam if you learn martial arts in your free time, that's enough. You don't need to need to spend a lot of time on it.

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If your goal is to learn some basic moves, you do not need that much time. You can learn that. But in order to be good at what you are doing, it takes time and a lot of practice.

What matters in martial art training is, have a discipline. You practice a lot one day. And you come back on your training after a week or so. That will not bring a good result. Instead, spend some time regularly and keep practicing. Just go with the flow. You will be surprised to see how much you make progress.

Have some fun while you are practicing. You are learning some serious stuff. It does not mean you have to be serious all the time. If you enjoy the journey of learning martial arts, you can go a long way.

Don't do something just you can do that like you can hit on the wall or something hard. You can take it. But you can hurt yourself. So please do not do something like this. Your instructors are there to guide you. If you do not know something or you are not sure about that, ask your instructors.

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You often hear that train hard. It does not mean you do not need to take rest after training. For example, if you train hard one day, you can take some rest the next day or you can some light training, not go too hard. It is very important to give your body some time to heal. You will recover fast.

Respect your instructors. Otherwise, you cannot do better. Not only martial arts but only whatever you learn, always respect your teachers. It would be easier to achieve your goals if you respect your teachers and listen to them.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. That's it for now.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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