End A Fight In Seconds - How?

"Teach me one move, I want to end a fight in seconds." There are some strikes that are very powerful and make some serious damage. And where you hit, that can change the whole thing. There are some vital parts of the body tha...

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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Taking Action

Do you want to stay in the same place as we were yesterday or last year? Probably not. You want to change. You want to do better in the future. Still, you do not see any change in your life. Why? ...

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Body Language Says A Lot About You

You are not saying anything. People around you get to know you and have an idea about you just seeing your body language. Maybe you are not that aware of how we express yourself, but you do that all the time. ...

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One Secret To Stay Motivated

Do you remember those days when you went to school? You had some friends. You spent a lot of time together. When you went to college, you had some new friends. You had fun and did a lot of things. ...

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Two Most Important Factors In Self Defense

The bell rings or you hear the word begin, and the fight starts. It can happen in a fighting competition, not in real life when you are being attacked. Learning martial art and self-defense helps you to deal with the challenging sit...

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