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Be Aware Of Your Surroundings For Personal Safety

Everything gets easier because of technology. Nowadays you cannot imagine a person who does not have a cell phone. You also see people always looking at their phones. You are walking but your eyes are on your phone. You are listening to something and you wear earphones.

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You are not fully aware of your surroundings and that can put you in a vulnerable position. You can be careful listening to something but you cannot hear that because you wear earphones. We talk about situational awareness. If you go somewhere and you know that is not a good place, be careful and aware of your surroundings.

Sometimes before attacking, the attacker checks out how the victim reacts. Then you decide to attack the victim. You can get the signal from other people's behavior. When you are aware of your surrounding, you can make your move before being attacked and protect yourself.

The attacker might distract you. He asks for something and when you talk and move your attention, suddenly the attacker attacks you. Even if you know what to do to defend yourself, you cannot make your move when you put your guards down and don't know what's going on. Don't just look at your phone all the time. Look around.

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You can learn martial arts that focuses on self-defense in real-life situations. It will prepare you to deal with a situation like this in a better way. Safety for yourself always comes first when you make any move. You defend yourself and then strike.

For example, if someone grabs your hair, don't let the attacker control your body. First, grab his hand that holds your hair and then make your move. You can move the attacker's hand and put pressure. Or, strike him right away as soon as you grab his hand. If you do not grab the attacker's hand that holds your hair, you can control your body movement. And you do not want to let the attacker do that. Awareness of your surrounding and self-defense training help you to protect yourself.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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