Don't Be A Victim

If the attackers already plan to attack you for some reasons, you will be a victim. Why does someone attack you? There can be many reasons. There are a lot of things that you cannot control. You are in that situation and before understandin...

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End A Fight In Seconds - How?

"Teach me one move, I want to end a fight in seconds." There are some strikes that are very powerful and make some serious damage. And where you hit, that can change the whole thing. There are some vital parts of the body tha...

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Observe and Do A Risk Assessment - Martial Art

If you are in a fighting competition, you fight to be a winner. You observe your opponent, figure out his strength and weakness to fight better. For example, if your opponent is really good at punching, you will be more careful in the punchi...

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Is There Anything You Can Do Against Headbutt?

We see people usually punch in a fight. Some people kick on the street fight. Whether they are good at kicking or not, they kick and sometimes some of them end up falling down on the ground losing their balance. It is always better not to d...

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Do You Stop Doing Exercise Because You feel Pain?

You are going to do exercise and you are super excited to be fit. You might have some images or have some goals. You did not do exercise before. I mean you are walking, running, that's also included in the exercise. But you have never gone t...

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Is It Useful What You See In Martial Art Videos On YouTube?

If you want to get any information, just search on Google, you will find it. If like to watch videos and get to know anything, you usually search on YouTube. You can find a lot of martial arts videos on YouTube. Now the question is, ...

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Can You Use A Magazine For Self Defense?

You can use many things as an improvised weapon. It seems fancy to see this, but when your life is in danger, you can do anything to defend yourself and save your life. If you are trained, you know what to do and what to pick that can be use...

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Why You Could Not Defend The Punch

When you wear gloves and wear protection like teeth guards, if you get hit by a punch, that might not make serious damage. It could, but the probability is less. When you learn a martial art, you learn how to punch. You also practice how to ...

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Why Is Choke Very Dangerous and What to Do For Self Defense

You have the strength and you can hit harder. How about when you are in pain? When you are in pain or you get injured, you can use your strength to hit the attacker as you can usually do. ...

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Things You Think And Facts For Self Defense

We think we will do this or do that for self-defense. But what are you capable of doing when you are in that situation and you have to make your move for self-defense? It is easy to say but it is difficult to execute that. ...

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How To Position Yourself To Defend Against Multiple Attackers

There is one attacker. You can see him and you only have to focus on him to defend yourself. If the fight starts, you can stand in a fight stance and fight. You have a lot of options when you are dealing with one attacker. How about if there...

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How To Test Self Defense Techniques

You might think that would be a good technique for a particular defense. You cannot know for use unless you test it. The real-life situation is different. You will be under pressure and you might forget the techniques. You might get freeze f...

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